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All persons fleeing from Ukraine from the armed conflict do not need to register or worry about formalities at reception points. All persons fleeing Ukraine, ...
As of May 2024, foreigners will be served at the Silesian Voivodeship Office in Katowice in a new location at 16 Damrota Street. The last ...


At the Information Point for Foreigners, we support foreigners who live or plan to live in our region. We are aware that a new place, culture or a foreign language make it difficult to adapt to the environment on your own, so we want to help in this process by providing access to various types of support.

Limited knowledge of foreigners in the field of applicable legal regulations, official procedures, rules of access to primary health care or rules on the labor market make us constantly develop our offer in the form of free information and counseling on the subject of functioning in the local environment, in the social and professional area.

Integration is also an important element for us, which is why we organize many initiatives and events that allow foreigners to become acquainted with the current inhabitants of the region and promote their own culture and customs in order to reduce all forms of discrimination and racism.

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Support we offered

Legalization of stay

Information on the methods of obtaining the Pole’s Card, registration, citizenship, PESEL number, etc.

Employment and business

Assistance in finding a job, including preparation for the recruitment process. Support in setting up and running a business.


Support in searching for a flat and counseling in the field of tenancy rules and tenant’s rights in Poland.

Legal assistance

Support in gaining access to free legal advice and consultations as well as in court cases.

Consumer assistance

Information on possible ways of pursuing your rights as a consumer, which are applicable in Poland and throughout the European Union.

Social assistance

Informing about available social assistance and benefits provided in the Municipal Social Welfare Center in Katowice.


Assistance in accessing comprehensive medical care and free benefits under the National Health Fund.

Psychological and pedagogical help

Assistance in accessing holistic support in the field of psychological and pedagogical help and interdisciplinary help from specialists.

Education of children and youth

Cooperation with kindergarten and school institutions in Katowice as part of the adaptation of children and adolescents from other countries in the new environment.

Language courses and training

Teaching Polish and assistance in accessing courses and training to raise professional qualifications.



Do you want to support us in providing support to international communities?
Do you want to meet new people, their language, culture and customs?
Do you know foreign languages and want to use them to communicate with the international community?
Do you want to help foreigners to get to know your city, region or interesting places?
Do you have an idea for a project or activity supporting the adaptation of foreigners in our environment?

As a volunteer at the Information Point for Foreigners, you can develop your skills, gain experience in working in an international environment, make your CV more attractive, improve your communication in a foreign language, meet interesting people and, above all, help a foreigner.

Contact us: punktidc@fundacjaincorpore.pl

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Information Point for Foreigners

Młyńska 5 Street
40-098 Katowice

phone: +48 539 696 888
e-mail: punktidc@fundacjaincorpore.pl

Opening hours:
– Monday and Thursday 12.00-17.00
– Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9.00-14.00


Information Point is managed by In Corpore Foundation

In Corpore Foundation
Bażantów 2 Street
40-668 Katowice

phone: +48 883 337 981
e-mail: info@fundacjaincorpore.pl


Contact us

    Support us

    Support our activities for the benefit of international communities. Thanks to you, we can constantly enrich and expand our offer of support and organize further initiatives and activities to promote multiculturalism in our region and fight against discrimination and racism.

    Funds can be deposited into the In Corpore Foundation account number:
    02 1090 2011 0000 0001 1511 1518

    If you pay personal income tax in Poland, you can support us by donating 1% of it to our foundation.

    Each natural person during the annual tax settlement in Poland may donate 1% of it to social purposes carried out by entities with the status of public benefit organization. To do this, in your PIT tax application, provide the KRS number of the organization you want to support.

    Our KRS number 0000226272

    If you need help with how to do this, please write to us. Remember that transferring 1% of your annual tax will cost you nothing, as these are funds transferred by our country.


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